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The modern broker dealer.

Say goodbye to old financial management technology and processes. Our cutting-edge tools and unparalleled back office support will help you serve your clients better and streamline your work. Say hello to a brighter future – contact us for a demo today!





Spend More Time Advisingand Less Time On Operations

Infinity Financial pulls you out of the monotonous day to day tasks and puts you right back in front of your clients- where you belong. Our firm offers the right mix of people + technology to make advisors' lives easier. Get the dedicated support you deserve and access tools and resources to navigate compliance, speed up your workflow, and put your clients first, every time.

Streamline your workflow

Leave the archaic processes in the past and take an automated approach to wealth management. Spend less time on administrative work and more time with your clients.

Transition to true independence

Embrace new possibilities for growth. When you go independent with Infinity, you have new found flexibility and more to offer your clients. We put our advisors first, every time.

Take better care of your clients

Don't let your firm limit what you can offer your clients. As a financial representative with Infinity, you can grow your business the way you want to.

Get real-time support from home office experts

We're here to help. Managing regulations and compliance is no easy feat, that's why our dedicated compliance experts offer support whenever you need it.

Customize your practice to what works for you.

Infinity Financial is designed to give you the freedom to do manage clients, sell, and grow the way you want to.

Access support where you need it

Customize how you do business

Automate the process

How would you like to customize your Advisory practice?

It's time to make your life easier.

It’s one thing to close a client, it’s another thing to navigate regulations and compliance. There is a large variance in the way that different firms run their business, our systems and processes are designed to solve your problems, and let you run your practice the way you want to.

Spend less time with the paperwork. Our dedicated compliance experts will give you the confidence to grow your advisory business the way you need to.

We've got our advisors' backs.

"The most important people in our firm are the advisors, and we are relentless in supporting them. Everything we’ve built is designed to let them uniquely customize their practice and run it the way they want to. We’re an advisor-first home office."

Greg Gilbert, CFP

President & CEO of Infinity Financial

“I have people constantly reaching out, trying to recruit me and I say ‘No!’ I am incredibly happy with the independent system that I have set up–it works for me. People allow me to do my work the right way, I make a good living, and I’m happy running my own life.”

"The Infinity team is upfront, honest, smart and makes things happen. (They) do what they say and say what they do... It is a very simple relationship. I appreciate having the compliance oversight that Infinity provides,”

"Whatever I need is taken care of. The staff is bright and they have that sense of urgency to get things done. When I hang up from a call, very often I already have what I need in my inbox, which has been a comforting and great experience. Everything that sold me on Infinity has been true. I couldn’t have asked anyone to have done more.”

Lisa Claycomb, JD, CLTC, CFP, AAMS

Independent Advisor 

with Infinity Financial

Peter Karp

Independent Advisor 

with Infinity Financial

David Rookasin

Independent Advisor 

with Infinity Financial

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In the demo, we will show you exactly how we can optimize your practice, customize it to your needs, and give you the exact support you need to take your business to the next level.

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